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SECOND HAND TEXTILE MACHINERY   Mr. Marcos   (+34) 655 951 419

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ENGLISH   Bin Emptier OMT
Translating and telescopic system Tecnomeccanica Biellese.
Equipped with No 03 galvanized metal Boxes.
Loading system Teconomeccanica Biellese with condenser distribution fibers by belt.
Equipped with ensimaje nozzles.
Idromix for heating oil antistatic water.
Registration Nº 06092.
Year 2006.
Room measures of 4 x 12 x 4,5 m (width x large x heigth).

– Medidas del cuarto de 4 x 12 x 4,5 m (ancho x largo x alto).
– Matrícula nº 06092.
– Año 2006.

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